4 Reasons Your Brain Needs a Vacation

By Colleen Canney for Live Right Live Well 4 Reasons Your Brain Needs a Vacation Sure, taking time away from your job puts pressure on your work and your wallet. And as Americans, we seem to be particularly susceptible to a work-at-all-costs mindset: A study conducted by the Families and Work Institute found that nearly half of U.S. employees don’t take all of their vacation days. But consider this the next time you’re thinking of counting beans on a Saturday: Recent research shows that vacations -- even a day trip to...

Headstands & Pretzels for Creatives

Have you ever heard that twisting up into a pretzel or standing on your head is great for inspiration and unleashing the river of creativity within? Well, it’s true – though I suppose it’s not quite necessary (though a fun party trick) to contort your body like an 80-pound, zero-body-fat-contortionist to get the benefits.  Just a few yoga poses will do the trick. Headstand anyone? Turning upside down not only does wonders for (and really surprises) your circulatory system, but has a bunch of other super benefits: