What We Offer


Our team at Yoga Shanti offers professional Life Coaching and the following classes (live and recorded): Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong and SOMA Breath.  


  • Strengthens and tones muscles
  • Increases  flexibility
  • Stimulates internal organs, gland and nerves
  • Increased lubrication of joints, ligaments and tendons
  • Improves ability to balance
  • Improves respiration and lung capacity
  • Promotes metabolism & increases energy


  • Strengthens & tones muscles, especially core
  •  Improves flexibility
  •  Better balance & coordination
  •  Improves breathing & posture
  •  Low impact (no pressure on knees & other joints)
  •  Improves other sports performance
  • Better blood circulation
  •  Improves spinal health & strength
  •  Assists with injury recovery

SOMA Breath

  • More efficient and coherent breathing & brain function
  •  Increased cardiovascular health
  •  Better fitness: more stamina & endurance
  •  Connection to your inner self, deeper meditation
  •  Calmer, clearer mind: better judgement and decision making
  •  Reduced inflammation
  •  Balanced nervous system

Life Coaching

  • Unlock your relational, behavioral and / or emotional situations,
  • Develop your talent and improve professional performance,
  • Bring your life to a horizon more aligned with your core values.

Qi Gong

Coming Soon...!

About Us


Axinja Granier

Yoga, Pilates, SOMA Breath, Qi Gong

I’m passionate about helping people discover their own power within.  As a certified Yoga teacher (also Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga certified), certified Pilates teacher and certified SOMA Breath teacher I love to help you become fit, healthy and free in body, mind & spirit!

Rémi Granier

Co-Active Coach

I am a “Certified Professional Co-Active Coach®” (CPCC) from CTI, which is the oldest and largest coaching training organization in the world. I am also certified “Associate Certified Coach” (ACC) from the ICF, which is the gold standard in coaching. Every day, I am still amazed at the results we can get in a few minutes of coaching. In addition to this training, I am following a curriculum of “Nonviolent_Communication“. This method aims to create relationships among human beings based on empathy, compassion, harmonious cooperation and respect for oneself and others.