7 Steps to Squash Negative Thinking

scotlandA man is but the product of his thoughts: what he thinks, he becomes.
~ Mahatma Ghandi

Whatever you focus on you create. Whatever you think about, you give power to because you make it your reality. It is your choice what to think about. No, it's not that easy, especially as most of us are in the habit of noticing and remarking upon the bad things that happen during the day. But you can change that – just ask the following:

Do you want to change your thought patterns?
Do you have some patience to practice changing these patterns?

If you answered “yes” to the first, it’s likely you have patience to change.
If you answered “no” to the first, here are some reminders on why you need to say “yes”:

17 Simple Ways to Instill Calmness in Your Day

allegenySociety and daily living have become very fast paced.  We hurry all the time, stress piles up and our bodies and minds become tense with anxiety.  A calm mind and body will allow you to get more done, be healthier and take pleasure in life.  Below are some simple and unique ways of getting into a calm frame of mind.

  1. Herbal tea. Chamomile, linden, mint and lavender teas are soothing and calming.  Brew a cup of one

How Choices Paralyze Decision Making and How to Cope

Having choices is nice.  It can be marvelous.  It is a mark of freedom.

It can also induce a sudden paralyzed-deer-in-headlights look in front of the cereal aisle.

Simply try to choose some cereal or a yoghurt for breakfast (nonfat, lowfat or whole, fruit on bottom or mixed, with granola or without, organic or standard, soy, cow, sheep, or goat milk …etc).

I'm not advocating having no choices, but the multitude we face today is overwhelming to our overworked little grey cells.  Studies indicate that instead of a feeling of freedom at heaps of choices, we are stuck with anxiety...

Power of the Present Moment

In my previous post I covered the many downsides of multitasking. Yesterday I stumbled upon this great interview on the power of being present that supports and adds to my article.

Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau from the Kathleen Show interviews Claudia Wallis, who is Editor-at-Large at Time Magazine and has specialized as a writer and editor of stories covering health, science, women's and children's issues, education and lifestyle. She definitely has experience, so give it a listen. I think the interview will speak to many of you, as the multitasking "disease" is spread at the office as well as far outside of it.

Avoid Multitasking and Increase Your Productivity

singleflowerYour cell-phone is ringing, your mailbox has 200 messages, a colleague is breathing down your neck and the boss just dropped two new projects on your desk. Meanwhile, you're attempting to swallow a stale muffin and cafeteria coffee, trying to remember if you let the dog out this morning.

Many people still believe multitasking makes you more productive. It's frequently included in job requirements and people at work (including the boss) are doing it and expecting it of you. You can't completely stop multitasking, as it is part of human nature. But the fact is people multitask too much. This is simply inefficient.

Multitasking does not make you more productive. This isn't really hot news. Studies by several universities and companies prove this fact.