Top 10 Reasons to Laugh Until it Hurts

smile"The art of medicine consists of keeping the patient amused while nature heals the disease." ~Voltaire

After that quote I don't think I need to say much.  Laughing feels good and releases tension, your body likes it, bacteria and viruses don't (because with laughter your little white blood cells become absolutely ruthless), it’s a nice ice-breaker and quite simply makes the day better.

Top 10 reasons to laugh (and laugh now)

  1. Lower blood pressure. Initially upon laughing, blood pressure increases, but then falls below normal levels and as breathing deepens but then falls below normal levels and as breathing deepens blood becomes more oxygen and nutrient rich.(1,2)
  2. Strengthen immune system. Laughter increases the number of natural killer cells that like to eat viruses for breakfast, as well as certain cancer cells. Antibodies are also increased (immunoglobulin A), which is especially helpful for respiratory infections. (2,3)

12 Handy Tricks to Overcome Procrastination

Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both.
~John Andrew Holmes

Procrastination, like so many things, is a habit.  A habit most people seemingly love to or can't help indulging in.  Hm... reminds me of chocolate… But this is great news! It's not hard to break a habit.

Procrastination actually causes more discomfort than doing the actual task.  While procrastinating, we anticipate an unpleasant/boring/difficult task, and the mind has already created and is living through a difficult situation.  It's non-productive to virtually torture yourself this way, as doing the actual task will cause less pain.

5 Simple Ways to a Clear Email Box

girl laptopEmail is notoriously overused, especially at the office.  Something that would take 5 minutes over the phone, may only take you 2 minutes to email, but leaves the responder with the arduous task of interpreting and answering what is often a very open-ended question.  But even more often, we email when it would be much faster to call someone or walk over to their desk.  Check out this interesting concept of 5 sentence emails

Simplify your email, simplify your day, stress less: