Yoga in the Office – Melt Away Tension & Irritation

Are you stuck in front of a computer all day, spending most of your day sitting in a chair, or running hectically from one meeting to the next? It’s amazing the difference a few inconspicuous yoga poses will make in your day! And you don’t have to twist into a pretzel and have your colleagues give you strange looks – there a plenty of simple yet effective yoga moves you can do to ease tension, melt away stress and irritation.

Headstands & Pretzels for Creatives

Have you ever heard that twisting up into a pretzel or standing on your head is great for inspiration and unleashing the river of creativity within? Well, it’s true – though I suppose it’s not quite necessary (though a fun party trick) to contort your body like an 80-pound, zero-body-fat-contortionist to get the benefits.  Just a few yoga poses will do the trick. Headstand anyone? Turning upside down not only does wonders for (and really surprises) your circulatory system, but has a bunch of other super benefits:

Chocolate for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner :)

Yes, you read correctly……!  And yes, I’m exaggerating a little (unfortunately).  But by now you must have heard about all this new research touting the health benefits of chocolate.  Sadly that doesn’t mean you should start adding chocolate to every meal or substitute a Snickers bar for your cereal in the morning. Also – it’s the type of chocolate that matters (and most of it is fit for the garbage can).  Take a look at the different types and especially, which ones you should avoid every time.

Alternative Headache Remedies That Really Work

The actual pain of a headache may result from contraction of muscles in the scalp, face or neck, blood vessel dilation in the head, or brain swelling that stretches the brain’s coverings.  Another source of headache pain is that the nerves in the face or head are irritated. If you want to find out the cause, start keeping a diary to see what triggers your headaches.

  • Possible causes
    • Allergies (e.g. chocolate, milk products, alcohol, strong cheese, chicken)
    • Stress or muscle tension