Slow movement: You Are What You Eat & How You Eat

“You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” ~ Walter Hagen The slow food movement originated in Italy in 1986, and Slow Food, a non-profit, eco-gastronomic organization was officially created in 1989.  The antithesis of fast food, Slow Food is focused on reminding people of local foods, where they come from, their different tastes and how we affect the rest of the world by what we eat...

How to Combat Body Odor Naturally and Easily

Though it can be a giant nuisance, sweating is generally healthy and often necessary.  Not only does it cool the body, but it also eliminates toxins. Sweat is produced by glands in the skin, which respond to not only heat, but also stress, anger, nervousness and a host of other conditions. Bacteria that love this sweat grow and multiply, and as they break down the sweat fluids, they produce that unpleasant odor.

  • Possible causes
    • Stress, anger, nervousness or extreme excitement
    • Skin infection
    • Serious illness, such as kidney disease, fungal infections, liver disease, etc.

Antiperspirant Can Cause Cancer and Alzheimer’s

With the weather warming up, you're probably getting out that deodorant a lot more.   But are you slowly poisoning your body? Some gigantic problems with antiperspirant

  • Antiperspirants prevent toxins accumulated in the body from being eliminated through the armpits.
  • Most antiperspirants contain aluminum, which is a toxin according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  In 1993, the WHO stated "There is a suspected link between Alzheimer's disease and the toxicity of aluminum."
  • A 2007 British study found that aluminum causes cancer in animals.  They also discovered that breast cancer patients using antiperspirant...

The Diverse Emotional Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is invigoration in relaxation. Freedom in routine. Confidence through self control. Energy within and energy without.

~Ymber Delecto

Ah, is not just for the super flexible and fit.  Numerous studies show how even a basic and relaxing yoga practice can benefit you emotionally on many levels.

  1. Energy
  2. An Oxford study found that yoga breathing restores energy better than relaxation or visualization.1 Also, like any workout, it stimulates the blood flow, heats up muscles and releases endorphins, giving you a feel good energy boost.
  3. Depression Several studies have shown how yoga helps relieve depression:
    • A 10 week program of 75 minute Restorative Yoga classes showed the participants had a 50% reduction in depression...