7 Potent Ways Garlic Can Make You Healthier

Garlic is not just a weapon against vampires – it scares away bacteria, viruses, parasites, ticks and possibly even mosquitoes!

  1. Garlic Reduces Heart Disease Risk & High Blood Pressure
  2. Helps induce relaxation and enlargement of blood vessels, improving blood flow.  This can help prevent high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. 1

  3. Garlic Crushes Parasites, Bacteria and Viral Infections
  4. Garlic works like a broad-spectrum antibiotic against parasites, bacteria and viruses, with the benefit that you don’t build up resistance to it.  2

  5. Garlic May Prevent Cancer
    • Allicin, a chemical found in garlic, may penetrate and kill tumor cells according to researchers.  The trick is that the fresh garlic needs to be crushed to create the chemical reaction that forms Allicin.  Allicin disappears an hour after you smash the garlic, which means taking a garlic pill is useless.  It also degrades in cooking, so make sure you eat it fresh! 2
    • When alliinase and alliin (two components that covert to Allicin) were injected into a tumor cell, the reaction killed it.  3
  6. Garlic Scares Away Ticks and Possibly Mosquitoes
    • Swedish researchers found there was a significant decrease in tick bites in people who ate garlic versus the group that took a placebo.  4
    • Several studies suggest that garlic works the same on mosquitoes – either because it changes our body odor to make it unpleasant, or because the smell overwhelms the mosquitoes’ sense of smell and they are thus unable to find their prey.  5
  7. Garlic Works as an Antioxidant
  8. Antioxidants slow or prevent oxidation of molecules.  Oxidation produces free radicals, which damage cells.  Not only is garlic a great source of Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant), but here again the magic of Allicin does the trick.  Canadian scientists found that when Allicin decomposes, sulfenic acid is produced which acts as a very powerful antioxidant.  6

  9. Garlic and Weight Loss
    • In laboratory tests, rats given Allicin (chemical found in garlic) did not gain weight in comparison to the control group.  7
    • Researchers say that Allicin suppresses appetite and increases the body’s metabolism by increasing the release of adrenaline.8
  10. Garlic Treats Erectile Dysfunction
  11. The Allicin in garlic helps by widening the arteries and improving blood flow to the groin.  A UK study of 8 volunteers eating raw garlic daily for three months saw 6 of the volunteers with improvement in erections.  9

    Chemists Shed Light on the Health Benefits of Garlic
    Six Ways Garlic Can Improve Your Health
    Chemists Shed Light on the Health Benefits of Garlic
    4 Garlic Protects Against Ticks and Possibly Mosquitos
    5 Garlic As A Mosquito Repellent
    6 Garlic’s antioxidant power pinpointed by researchers?
    7 Garlic, The Wonder Drug?
    8 Garlic for Weight Loss
    9 Garlic and Erectile Dysfunction



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